Taxidermy, 2018, Earth, salt, glass, steel, water, vinyl coordinates

Taxidermy consists of a two foot by two foot section of earth, 100 lbs of road salt, and 32 oz of water added daily, all housed in a leaky glass tank. As the salt melts, it seeps into the earth and out the bottom of the tank, melding the two substances, as well as leaving the physical traces of it’s journey.


Seer, 2018, Vinyl pool liner, pine, drywall, lights, metronome, radio alarm clocks, ash log, steel, window screens, lightning rod

Seer is a monument to artifice. A window in a wall made of a pool liner looks out onto a truncated ash tree and a white wall lit by fluorescent lights. Two radios babble in the background, drowning each other out while a metronome keeps time.


In the flow of things, 2018, Fabricated steel installed on a deer path

Installed in the middle of a deer path just outside of a park in Minneapolis, Minnesota, In the flow of things acts as a pointless barrier left amidst nature. It both blocks and protects, but neither endeavour is truly successful.


Site desk, 2018, pine, plaster, roofing cement, poplar, silicone, photographs, copper, reflective tape, steel, cement, paint, glass, slate, aluminium tape

Site desk is a rough but purpose built piece of furniture that would be at home on the ground of a construction site, but for the strange objects embedded within it’s surfaces.


Unrecovered, unreturned, 2018, Steel, brass, aluminum, polycarbonate, steel cable, sprayable rubber, wooden oars

In maritime law, flotsam, jetsam, lagan and derelict refer to specific kinds of items found at sea. Unrecovered, unreturned pays homage to those things lost forever on and in the vastness of the ocean.

Flotsam- goods from a sunken vessel that float on the surface of the sea, or any floating cargo that is cast overboard as a result of an accident. Ownership is attributed to whoever recovers the items unless someone steps forward and can prove ownership.

Jetsam- refers to any cargo that is intentionally discarded from a ship or wreckage. Jetsam can be claimed by whoever recovers it.

Lagan- goods that are cast overboard and sink, but are attached to a floating marker and therefore marked. Lagan must be returned to the rightful owner upon discovery.

Derelict- goods that have sunk, given up by the owner. In other words, goods with no hope of being recovered or returned, regardless of the means of abandonment (ie. purposeful or forced).

Unrecovered, unreturned is part of the permanent collection at the Havre de Grace Maritime Museum


Voyager, 2018, canoe, sprayable rubber, steel, cedar, aluminium, ratchet straps, paint, tar, roofing felt, resin, photographs, glass, road salt

Voyager was shown at VisArts gallery in Rockville, Maryland, in April, 2018.

In Voyager, the gallery becomes a site of remembrance, but for who or what remains unclear. A canoe, reminiscent of a funeral barge, occupies the center of the room, surrounded by images of human made stone walls and asphalt roads. Atop the canoe sits a tank of salt, a symbol of luxury, wealth, preservation and decay. A hand-bound book of tar paper sits on the boat as well, listing a plethora of possessions (possibly) within.