How old is old, how long is long, 2017, maple stump, roofing cement, plywood, pine, steel electrical cover

How old is old, how long is long was installed secretly, in an undisclosed industrial waste facility. Surrounded by mounds of earth, concrete, brick, asphalt and other rubble, the piece sits atop a small hill. All around are the marks of deer bedding down, while the piece stands vigil.


Residuals, 2017, Slate, pine, steel, brass, oak floorboards, found caution sign, found steel lid, steel mesh, video, axe, firewood, clock

Residuals was a show at the Hillyer in Washington DC, in January, 2018.

Residuals was born in the mountains of upstate New York and south western Vermont. The show was partial a a reflection of the loss of the slate industry in the area. A facsimile of a pallet of slate ready to be shipped, the piece tilts to the side as if left abandoned for decades, untouched and neglected. Yet the slate remains, unaffected, the same as it was years ago, the same as it will be far into the future. Against the far wall sits a physical calculation of the time spent growing wood to use in a wood stove. How much wood does it take to keep a space warm for a given time? Finally, between the two large floor pieces are three boarded up windows, one of which has been ripped open to show an abandoned slate mine growing darker as the autumn sun sets.